Helping brides find their dream dress is what we love to do.

We believe that each bride has "the" dress they were meant to wear. Our job is to find it.  Here are some helpful tips and guidelines to make shopping for a wedding dress an experience to remember. You will find a link to our appointment scheduler at the bottom of the page.


One of the most important things to know before searching for your dress is your wedding date. It typically takes 6 months to get your wedding dress in, so plan accordingly! If your date is closer than 6 months away, don't panic yet: you always have options.


Don't worry if you aren't sure what type of dress you're looking for. Countless brides with no clue what to wear come to us for help. We will find something that suits your personal style. You can always bring photos of dresses you love on your phone and we can take it from there. Check us out on Pinterest to see which dresses we have in store!


Determining your price range is essential before you are able to find your dress. Our consultants will always respect and work within your budget. We have a vast selection of gowns to choose from for all price points.

To schedule an appointment online, use the link below.

We have an appointment scheduling tool that makes setting up your consultation easy. You can also manually request an appointment here or call us at any time. Also, we highly suggest that you read the F.A.Q.'s to make your shopping experience as fun and stress-free as possible.